Breaking Ground

“A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire;
He rages against all wise judgment.”    – Proverbs 18:1

Hello and welcome to my first of many posts. I have been meaning to consistently blog for a long time, but have lacked motivation to put in the time. However, I have been influenced by a number of people to start creating value for others, among them are: Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership Podcast, Steve Pavlina, Michael Hyatt, and a few more. This is my attempt to use my knowledge and experiences to help others and foster engaging conversation.

Who am I?

I am Nathan Davis. I have recently acquired my Mechanical Engineering degree and passed the FE exam. I am currently looking for work where I can create value while also trying to expand my small 3d printing business, omaha3dprint.com

What is this blog all about?

Basically it is about whatever interests me; that includes innovation in technology and business, creating new things, engineering, personal growth, faith, culture, economics, politics, Bitcoin, and 3d printing. Did I mention I have a small 3d printing business 😉

My goals

My main goal is to create valuable, relevant content that you can put to use in your life. What that looks like will evolve as time progresses, but the general goal will remain the same.

I plan on posting a blog entry once a week. I initially wanted to post twice a week, but found that to be too much for just starting out. I hope to be able to increase that in the future.

If you find the content useful, please feel free to comment and share. If you have any tips or constructive criticism I would love to hear it. You can comment on a post or contact me directly via my email address: me@davisnathan.com

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